Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The International Standard for Total Quality (ISO 9001) refers to one of the most famous international standards related to quality, which aims to improve the performance of organizations and ensure that customer requirements are met, so we are committed to providing our customers with reliable and effective services in accordance with the company’s mission and vision, as SESC relies on an integrated quality management system that meets international quality standards.

We also ensure compliance with the company's contractual obligations and the requirements of ISO 9001 certification through the following procedures:

Health & Safety

The international standard for health and safety (ISO 45001) is one of the means and trends that govern the management of health and safety in institutions and organizations, which is the goal of our primary in (SESC), and we work to provide a safe and healthy work environment for teams in the workplace, and our policy is based on the principle of “safety first” through early planning and implementation of business stages in ways that ensure that there is no conflict between health and safety requirements and processing processes.

Environment & Sustainability

The international standard ISO 14001 is dedicated to helping organizations improve their environmental performance, reduce adverse environmental impacts and conserve natural resources.
Implement effective actions and policies to reduce these risks, improve performance, reduce costs associated with pollution, corrective measures and improve environmental efficiency.
At SESC, we are committed to protecting the environment and achieving sustainability through the optimal utilization of resources and we reflected this in our green and blue logo.
Policies and compliance with international standards are reviewed every "12 months" to ensure that they are up to date and in line with legal and regulatory developments and requirements.